How to Clean a Tile Patio

A patio can add a great touch to a yard if maintained properly all year round. Many people chose to tile their patio so it looks even more attractive . Despite its natural charm and durability, outdoor tile may be hard to keep clean. Putting some regular effort into keeping the aesthetics of your patio will give you a chance to enjoy a nice and clean place to rest in or have garden parties on. Read the following tips for keeping a tile patio in good shape regardless of the season.



1.  Make a Cleaning Schedule

Developing a cleaning schedule for seasonal care is an essential step to making that happen. This will prevent the accumulation of dust and other buildup for messing up not only the tile, but also your comfort. Pollen, for instance, contrary to popular belief, can build up all year round and activate allergies. It does not really matter what day of the week you choose to clean as long as you make sure you do that on a regular basis.

2. Use EcoFriendly Cleaners

Since it’s an outdoor area, it is important to use non-toxic cleaners. Apart from being earth-friendly and good for the environment, it will also make sure the tile keep its natural color. Using green cleaning solutions is recommendable especially if you have pets that like playing around the patio.

3. Use Proper Cleaning Tools

Tile is delicate and you should be careful when choosing the right tools for the cleaning job. A power washer is ideal if it is available. Otherwise you can use a special broom that will remove debris but will not scratch the tile.

4. Don’t Forget the Grout

A damp mop or cloth can often be used for cleaning the grout. If this does not work, a soft scrub pad can be used to remove any stains or debris. A toothbrush with soft bristles can be a good alternative if you are worried about scratching the tile or the grout.

5. Soap and Water

A solution of soap and water is a great cleaner for many types of tile including mosaic tile. Applying it and using a soft rag will clean the tile effectively and will not impair its structure as a heavy toxic cleaner would do.

6.  Avoid Clutter

Keeping too many items and patio furniture will make the cleaning task even a bigger challenge. It would be a good idea to get rid of the things you don’t use and leave only those that are appropriate for the season. No one likes stumbling on all kinds of clutter, plus, the idea of a patio is to enjoy its outdoor space after all. After you put some order into the place, you will be able to keep it clean much more easily and to invite friends over for a delightful barbecue.


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