Bathroom tiling Southend Essex – ceramic wall tiles

Bathroom tiling Southend

TML Tiling Limted enjoy sharing recent tiling projects such as this Bathroom tiling Southend Essex.  We are tiling professionals that are proud to share images of our work.  The customer requested matt bathroom walls tiles in a dark colour.  They also wanted the tiles to have some kind of feature near the bath tub.

What did the customer want?

  • Brand new Bathroom tiling Southend, including wall tiling and feature wall.
  • Bathroom wall tiles must match the style of the house.

How we approached the job?

  • We helped the customer choose the most appropriate wall tiles taking into account budget, room size, room use and room style.
  • For this bathroom in Southend we used cermaic tiles that are dark grey in colour, also having a matt finish.  Grey grout was used to help fight against mould growth.
  • We have captured our professional tiling work during every stage when tiling this beautiful kitchen in Southend, Essex.
  • The type of tiles we installed were dark patterns ceramic tiles wall tiles.  First we ensured all walls were flat and free of any loose debris, this ensures a good bond between the adhesive and ceramic wall tiles.
  • Below are images of Bathroom tiling Southend.