Kitchen floor tiling Basildon Essex

Kitchen Floor Tiling Basildon Essex

Below are images of porcelain kitchen floor tiling Basildon, Essex.  We have captured our professional tiling work during every stage when laying this floor.

First we gave the floor a sweep to get rid of loose debris.  This ensures a good bond between the adhesive and porcelain floor tiles.


As the customer’s floor was uneven, we used latex leveling compound to create a flat surface.



After adequate drying time we then laid the porcelain floor tiles, covering the whole kitchen floor area.  The floor space covered equaled approximately 17.5 square meters.


The next stage was to grout the tiles.  This was done after the adhesive had set.



Below is the finished tiled floor, after a thorough clean.


Because the whole kitchen floor area was tiled, it was a perfect surface for a new kitchen to be installed on.  Below is the tiled floor complete with new kitchen.