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How To Install a Backsplash – A step by step guide

Want to know how to install a backsplash for your new kitchen design? if so, then you have come to the right place.

A kitchen backsplash is an area between the counter top and the end of the kitchen cabinets. A backsplash helps to shield kitchen walls from liquids and dirt, especially the area behind the cooker.  Installing a backsplash right behind a sink is also a good as it stops water penetrating walls, thus causing damp.

Backsplashes are usually up to 4 inches in height, however this means a large area of wall is unprotected from moisture between worktop and bottom of cabinet.  There is a growing trend of people installing backsplashes on the entire wall, between the counter top  and cabinet.  Whatever your goal, this how to install a backsplash guide is sure to help.

Backsplash Materials

The ceramic tile is the most obvious choice as they are easier to install as well easier to clean. However, ceramic tiles may not always suite your kitchen style, especially if you have wood finishes.

Good alternatives are metallic and stained glass backsplashes, which provide a modern look.  However both can be expensive, most of the time they need to be cut to specific sizes and installed by a specialist.  If you are unsure what backsplash material you want, here are some ideas.

Most of the contractors and designers suggest ceramic tiles.  If your on a budget then you can actually go in for specially designed tiles so that it gives the kitchen a more modern look.  The following guide describes how to install a traditional tile backsplash.  However, most of the steps apply for backsplahses made from other materials too. → Read more