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How To Tile a Bathroom

Tiling your own bathroom can seem like a daunting task, especially if you lack experience.  This step by step guide provides you with valuable information on how to tile a bathroom.   Learn how to tile your bathroom in 10 easy steps!

First you will need the following: Grouts Adhesive Tile Leveler Grout Sealer Waterproofing Screed Adhesive Trowel Tile Cutter Gauging Trowel Rubber Grout Float Knee Pads Marking Pencils Sponge Box Level How to Tile a Bathroom Guide Step 1.  Work out how many tiles you need Calculate how many tiles you need.  You can do this mathematically:

Tiles needed = (Total area of wall space to be tiled) / (Area of 1 tile)

Remember that area of a square of rectangle = Length X Width

Area of a triangle = (Length X Width) \ 2


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