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The Tiling Courses You Need To Know

If you have a passion in tiling, tiling courses are the best to take so that you can advance to a higher level. There are many schools and colleges offering a wide variety of tiling courses. Whether you are an experienced plumber or a fresh person in the industry, there is an appropriate course for you. As long as you enroll in a good school, you can benefit from quality teaching irrespective of your stage. Flexible tiling courses allow you to enroll and advance your skills even when you are still in employment. The following are some of the courses you can undertake in tiling:

Introduction to tiling and tiling courses

This is a very important course especially for beginners who want to make a fresh venture into this profession. If you want to gain skills about introduction to tiling, this is the appropriate course that will give you a certificate at the end. It covers both floor and wall tiling with a detailed introduction to general tiling. It is also a great choice of course for individuals who want to upgrade to higher learning packages. In this course, different aspects of tiling are covered such as setting out tiles, laying, cutting and finishing. In addition, learners will know how to differentiate the various types of adhesives and tiles. The course also covers all the tools that are needed for a complete tile installation. After completing the course, you are supposed to know how to do floor and wall tiling on different areas such as windows, splash-backs and areas that have been socketed. Upon completion of the introduction course, you can proceed to advanced tiling course. It all depends on the level you want to achieve and how far you want to go.

Advanced tiling

Advanced tiling is good for those who already have basic tiling skills. It gives them the opportunity to learn more and acquaint themselves with complex tiling materials. In the end, you will be able to undertake tiling even on complex areas. The course covers build speed and precision, the major areas that need tiling, different patterns and the use of laser lines or levels. Learners will also know how to use wash boys and prepare a quote. Going through the introduction and advanced courses of tiling is enough to make you an expert.

Natural stone tiling courses

The use of natural stones in tiling needs a very different and delicate approach. It is completely different from other materials such as porcelain and ceramics. This is why most schools have natural tiling as a different course. It is a good course because there will come a time when skills for natural tiling will be needed. In the course, learners will know how to use tools such as wheel cutters to cut stones. Also, you will know how to seal natural stones, learn more about the adhesives used and master how to enhance natural stone features. You will know how to lay materials such as marble and slate on the floor.

In general, you will be able to learn taking measurements, use of different tools interpretation of tile tools and preparation of surfaces. Apart from installation of marble floors, learners will also know how to attach tiles, tiling of spas or pools, concreting and application of grout. It is easier to master the skills because most schools use experienced tiling instructors. Instructors use different practical demonstration because it is an entirely hands on course.

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